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Methods and Values

Thanks to his dual French and U.S. education and qualifications and his long-term experience at French and International law firms, Jean-François Guillot in a good position to understand and address the different clients' needs, whether they are French or International.

He is c
ommited to develop a personalized relationship based on trust v
is-à-vis each of our clients, and  endeavours to be reactive and available.

We believe in the success of team work and permanently maintain a close communication so as to ensure the best sharing and exchange of information.

It is also essential for us to let each of our clients take part in any strategic decision and in the process of building the argumentation, and to keep them permanently informed of ongoing developments.
With a pro-active spirit, we tend to propose constructive and useful solutions to anticipate the future.

Depending on the complexity and importance of each matter, we set up and manage a dedicated team specifially designed to the needs.

We are used to working closely with French or foreign patent and trademark attorneys, local correspondents, as well as with experienced lawyers of our network specialized in areas of law other than intellectual property.

Thus, we can efficiently address the different issues of the matters entrusted to us, including these involving the most complex technical problems.

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